Special Online CPI Course Offer


The Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Course is available now, ONLINE, with a special offer.

In these unprecedented times, there is no need to travel to take the CPI Course and it can be completed on your own schedule. It is enjoyable to complete and apply, with proven results.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some other professionals had to say about the CPI online experience:

 The fact that the course was online made it very convenient. I didn’t need to travel and could do it on my own time.CPI Ross Black, Inverness Golf Club, Scotland

“I have always wanted to be a specialized putting coach and when I received an email from the PGA I knew this was the course I needed to take.

“It was very easy to logon, and was very well set up and what needed to be completed was very clear. CPI Scott Anderson, Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club, 

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The CPI Course has been a great experience. In the PGA training we learned a lot of long game but I was looking for more short game and putting.

“I liked the layout of the CPI Course and to be able to go through the course piece by piece. The videos were very clear and helpful and were great to recap the text and to be able to see the various elements.CPI Emma Brown, Kendleshire Golf Club

When I logged on I realised there was a huge amount of content and really took time to look at it. I really enjoyed it. It gave me a structure, which will be great to use for my coaching.

 “I have twins, so the online aspects of the CPI Course were important because I could do it online when I had time.” CPI Alan Logan, Cochrane Castle Golf Club

I enjoyed the online aspect of the CPI course, the videos were good and it was clear and well formatted. Online learning is really the way forwardCPI Greg McBain, Newmacher Golf Club

It was brilliant. I liked the fact that it was not an “idea” or a “method”. It was just pure, simple facts and pointed out what all good putters do without thinking about it.CPI Ross McConnachie, Peterculter Golf Club

The CPI Course was eye opening. It was brilliant. It added to my knowledge of putting and has helped my own putting. The fact that it was online meant I could do it in my own time and the initial financial outlay has been covered by a few lessons I have given since completing it.

“The thing that surprised me most was the fact that my students started putting better straight away. The information I learned from the CPI Course has revolutionized how I teach putting”, CPI Michael Kanev, Kingsknowe Golf Club

I enjoyed the CPI layout which was easy to go through, as well as being able to do the course at my own speed. As there are no deadlines I could do it in my free time. I actually started the course in Houston and completed it in Scotland,” CPI Jamie Fraser

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