Make this Your Best Winter Ever


Winter doesn’t have to be slow. You have time on your hands and can create an opportunity indoors with minimal equipment.

Become a Frankly/PGA/LPGA Certified Putting Instructor by investing in your knowledge and expertise in putting instruction and get help to market yourself more effectively .

Members and students will see putting improvement straight away and word will spread quickly about your new indoor service. Your dedicated putting lessons will increase significantly and you will see additional putter sales.

Once you become certified, let your members know because 93% of golfers will consider taking a dedicated putting lesson from a Frankly/PGA Certified Putting Instructor, according to research. Additionally we provide Ideas for Your Business to help with marketing and even provide suggested posters. By applying what you learn in the CPI Course to your putting lessons, you can deliver immediate results. Based on a survey of 600 putting lessons conducted by CPIs students had a self rated improvement of 4/10 to 7/10 in only one lesson.

In only 6-8 hours (one day) you can complete the online course and apply what you learn immediately to make this your best winter ever. PUTT WELL.

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