CPI Walton Gets Back to Business


CPI Walton looks forward to welcoming her members back to golf

Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Sarah Walton is getting back to business after the lockdown, and helping her members at Belton Park Golf Club, a 27 hole course in Lincolnshire which has hosted many English championships.

Walton completed her CPI qualification back in 2011, being amongst the first PGA professionals to complete the qualification.

“I was in the middle of PGA training and it was an opportunity to gain knowledge,” said Walton who prior to becoming a PGA professional played county golf for Lancashire.

She saw the opportunity in specializing in teaching putting, as she began to build her career in the sport she loved.

‘Putting is something anyone can improve, no matter their age or power. There are no constraints on performance.

“The CPI Course brought together a huge array of information and the manner in which it was delivered made it very accessible. It is a great pathway to more knowledge and explore putting further.”

Even now, several years later the foundation the CPI Course provided has been extremely useful to Walton whose career has blossomed, having been awarded Titleist PGA Assistant of the Year and Female PGA Assistant of the Year in 2013, before becoming the Golf Professional at Kington Golf Club in Herefordshire, where she completed the PGA Director of Golf qualification, prior to her current position.

“Doing the CPI Course gave me more confidence in a specific area of coaching. I use it more now than when I first did it because I do more coaching now. The more coaching you do, your knowledge expands and delivery improves and you look at different areas to help people.


CPI Walton and some of her students

Walton enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping her members on the putting green.

“I enjoy teaching putting because anyone can improve. There is more opportunity to have an instant reaction, whereas hitting the ball farther takes more time. Lots of putting is psychology, confidence and belief.

I really enjoy seeing my students gain confidence.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game of golf said

” I enjoying seeing our Certified Putting Instructors like Sarah getting ahead in their career and being rewarded for their hard work. Continuing education is very important in developing and enhancing your skills to enable upward movement in the industry, and the CPI Course offers a marvelous platform to continue to perfect this area of expertise. We look forward to continuing to follow Sarah’s career and wish her all the best for a bright future helping her members putt well.”

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