The CPI Course

The Certified Putting Instructor Course comprises of 4 modules that should be completed by the PGA/LPGA professional.

The online course is delivered through a combination of text, video (best viewed with broadband internet).

We encourage PGA/LPGA professionals to share thoughts and ask questions.

The Twelve Fundamentals of Putting

1. Diagnostics
2. Putter Fitting
3. Grip
4. Ball Position
5. Set-up and Alignment
6. Lock and Rock
7. Swing Plane
8. Rhythm
9. Eye Movement
10. Pre-Shot Routine
11. Green Reading
12. Practice Drills

Putter Technology

1. Putter Design
2. Putter Styles
3. Putter Rules
4. Impact

Ideas for Your Business

1. Putting Lessons and Your Business
2. Marketing and Promotion
3. Increasing Your Income
4. Happy Customers

Apply what you have learned!