CPIs Recognized by LPGA as Top Teachers

We’d like to congratulate some very special and talented Frankly Certified Putting Instructors (CPIs) who were recently recognized by the LPGA Teaching and Coaching Division.

Dr Debbie Crews (who is also a CPI Course Advisory Board member) and Deb Vangellow were named in the Top 50 LPGA Teachers list.

Marissa Kulig Crow was named 2019 Teacher of the Year – Northeast Section LPGA.

Congratulations Ladies, we are very proud of you and all our CPIs who make a difference every day, helping golfers PUTT WELL.


Marissa Kulig Crow, CPI and Northeast Section LPGA Teacher of the Year

DebbieCrews (1)

Dr. Debbie Crews, LPGA Top 50 Teacher,CPI and member of the CPI Advisory Board with Frank Thomas


Deb Vangellow, LPGA Master Professional and Top 50 Teacher , former President of the LPGA’s Teaching and Club Professionals and CPI


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