CPI Spellman Leads the Way in Putting Instruction in New Mexico

LPGA Professional and CPI Holly Spellman

LPGA Professional Holly Spellman of Santa Fe, New Mexico is a lady who has a tremendous passion for helping her students improve their game as well as their life through golf. Spellman recently decided to shift her focus to short game and the CPI Course caught her eye as something that could enable her to specialize in putting.

“So many golfers are focused on the full swing, but my question to my students is where are they on the short game? It’s great to know all the launch monitor stats about your driver, but you only use your driver on 14 holes, whereas your putter you use much more.”

The CPI Course helped Spellman in various ways, but specifically in relation to the putter.

“The section on Putter Technology helped me understand more about putters and how they are designed. I also loved the distinct instructions on putter fitting. Many of my students are putting with putters that are too long for them, and once they make the adjustment and lower their hands their putting stroke feels much better.”

Spellman teaches at the Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe Golf Course, coaches at the Santa Fe Community College, as well as being the Coach of the Boys and Girls Team at Santa Fe Prep Middle School.

“I know that all of my students will benefit from the knowledge I have to pass onto them after becoming a CPI and I am excited to get started in mid March/April.”

Last year Spellman became the Site Director of Northern New Mexico LPGA USGA Girls Golf. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 she was restricted in what she could do, but has over a decade of experience running summer camps for Girls Inc. which comprise of a 6 week course covering all the basics of golf as well as rules and etiquette.

“These camps help girls who have never seen golf before be introduced to the game and many of them are from underprivileged areas.

“Something that isn’t discussed enough are the college opportunities available through golf. Many girls golf scholarships go unused. I recently started a nonprofit called Golf for Girls to help bring golf opportunities to girls in Northern New Mexico, so I can do even more work to help girls in my area.”

Spellman was introduced to the game of golf by her stepdad who was a good golfer and she is passionate about sharing golf with others to help them improve their life.

“Golf and its integrity really enhances your life. If you want to get to know someone, play a round of golf with them and you really get to know them.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game of golf said

“Holly has taken advantage of the CPI Course, recognizing the structured and holistic approach to pass on to her students and clearly understands that putting is a microcosm of the game and a wonderful way to introduce her new students to the game which provides life lessons to enhance their futures. Congratulations Holly, and we wish you and your students a bright future. Well done. “

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