What CPI’s are Saying

What other PGA and LPGA professionals are saying:

“The CPI course is terrific. Covering essential information about putting instruction, this curriculum will help all of us as LPGA T&CP Members improve the quality of putting sessions we deliver. I found the course to be both informative and enjoyable, recommending this to anyone looking for instructional assistance to enhance putting performance. I wish I had access to this information when I began my teaching career…it’s that good!”

–Deb Vangellow, LPGA Master Professional, Sweetwater Country Club, TX



“The course and certification process is a thorough and enlightening experience no matter how experienced or qualified a golf professional you may be. Packed with in-depth technical information yet communicated in a straight forward and learner friendly package. It has encouraged me to re-evaluate what I thought I knew about the Putting Stroke and dispelled with more than just a few of the “myths and legends” that I once held as fact.”
-Christopher Steele, PGA of Great Britain & Ireland Professional



“The course was user friendly, clear and concise…” Todd Sammons

“The course was user friendly, clear and concise. It presented some new concepts which made a lot of sense and reinforced much of what I’ve taught over the years. I now deliver my putting lessons with more confidence, knowing that what I am teaching is based on science. I really did enjoy the experience.”

Todd Sammons, PGA of America Professional, PGA Learning Center, Port St Lucie, FL


“I was able to apply the information I learned right away to my putting lessons..” Raphael Floriani

“I enjoyed the course and was able to apply the information I learned right away to my putting lessons. It is extremely useful for any PGA professional who wants to deliver better putting lessons and conduct more putter fittings.”
-Rafael Floriani, PGA of America Professional,PGA Learning Center, Port St Lucie, FL



“Thank you for a wonderful CPI course. The info I gained from it is invaluable, I learnt a great deal and it reinforced a lot of what I teach. It has inspired me to go to another level in the field of putting training, which in turn is really beneficial to the many students that seek my short game instruction.”
– Derek James, Certified Putting Instructor, PGA of South Africa, Southbroom Golf Club.


“The certification program offered through Frankly Academies has been a great attribute to not only the instruction portion of our program here at The Everglades Club, but also in terms of increasing putter fitting and sales.

The CPI program has brought clarity in the sometimes muddy interpretation of what “should” happen in terms of putting. This has in turn been reflected in the confidence of instruction that I have been able to extend to the members which as we all know can help drive putter sales as well.

I would encourage anyone with interest in the improvement of their instructional base to closely consider the CPI certification program.”
–Cameron Weibe, Certified Putting Instructor, PGA of America, The Everglades Club, FL

“As a recent CPI graduate I now feel I have an organized structure and presentation for my putting instruction. I also realize that any attempt to improve a students putting without a properly fit putter is an exercise in futility. My favorite part of the game to teach is short game. The CPI Course has given me new and vital information to pass on to my students and allow me to spend more time teaching the part of the game so crucial to good scoring.”

-Tom Wischmeyer, PGA of America, Stadium Golf Center,San Diego, CA

“In a competitive marketplace, a PGA Professional’s level of credibility is more important than ever and adding the CPI course is a great way to do just that. I learned even more than I thought I would from the CPI course. I have booked extra lessons, sold additional putters and am making more putts myself since completing the course.”

–Monte Koch, PGA of America, Past President Northern California PGA Section, Seattle

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned lots. I am now more confident in the knowledge I pass on to my pupils when giving putting lessons. The best bit is the access that we still have to the resources and ideas from other professionals.”
–Sarah Walton, Certified Putting Instructor, PGA of Great Britain & Ireland, Accrington & District Golf Club

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