Canadian CPI’s Comment on Course Experience

Here are some comments from Canadians who have become Certified Putting Instructors.

The CPI course was great. From the website, to the instructional video’s from Frank himself and the discussions forums after each module were all very helpful. Even more, it gave me more a better idea in what to look for when giving a putting lesson. The individual drills were also a great tool. Not only did they help my game but a number of students that were also struggling with their putting. Overall, I would recommend the CPI course to any CPGA instructor looking to enhance their teaching ability.”

Craig Prentice – The Legends Golf Club

This is a great course, excellent material, great marketing help. Has really helped me stand out amongst my peers as the only certified putting instructor in the area. Thanks Frankly Academy!

Dave Druken – Loch March Golf Club

I had a great experience taking the CPI course. It was well laid out and was very easy to follow. It has helped me teach people how to putt and what they should be focusing on to improve their putting. I alway recommend my students get fitted for a putter. It has also helped me with my putting. I was a very good putter before I took the course, but after I really understood what I was doing well and how I could be even better.

Mark Kitts – Cleveland Golf

I found the CPI course to be informative and accurate to other top instructors teachings. It is scientifically proven technique and well worth the time spent on getting certified. It has allowed me to help many of my students with their putting woes and put a more technical spin on putting than I previously had.

Chad Lavallee – Elmwood Golf and Country Club

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