CPI Course is Eye Opener for PGA Professional Larry and His Students

Minnesota based PGA professional and CPI graduate Larry Murphy of Moorhead Country Club, Moorhead, stopped by the Frankly Putting PAD at Reunion Resort during a recent visit to Florida. Valerie Melvin, CPI Course co-creator had the chance to ask him a few questions and find out how his CPI qualification was working for him.


VM: Larry, how did you enjoy the CPI course?

LM: I found the CPI course to be enlightening. I have been in the business a long time and have been teaching golf for most of my life. I would say that the CPI course is the most enjoyable course I have taken.

VM: How would you say it has helped your business?

LM: I have never marketed only putting lessons. Before taking the CPI course I would give my students an occasional putting tip or hint, but very rarely a full putting lesson.

However, after completing the course and using the marketing ideas and materials that are included, I found that my members were coming to me asking for putting lessons. This happened immediately after announcing my new CPI qualification in the club newsletter and placing a poster on the locker room noticeboards, creating an entirely new revenue center for my business.

The qualification makes me a credible putting instructor and having just started last year, I anticipate that there will be a domino effect this year as the word continues to spread.

VM: I am so glad that the course has helped. Is there anything else you would like to add?

LM: Yes I certainly would; the principles of the course are easy to follow and apply when giving a lesson. I can watch a student putt and make changes that will help them putt better immediately. There is a great feeling of satisfaction when I see their eyes light up during a lesson and have reported a significant improvement in their putting on the course.
They now understand what it is they should be doing, and approach their putting completely differently. The CPI course has been a real eye opener for both me and my students.

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