CPI Course Takes Brian’s Business to a New Level

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The Royal Burgess Golfing Society in Edinburgh, Scotland is the oldest golfing society in the world, founded in 1735, but Society Professional Steven Brian is embracing the latest information in putting to help his club members and other golfers have more success on the green.

Steven is a Certified Putting Instructor (CPI), a certification offered by U.S. based Frankly Golf and the PGA with the goal of helping golfers putt better, adding an extra dimension to the services that the golf professional can deliver to their membership.

“Putting was always an area I was interested in and I wanted to continue learning about it as it is about 40% of the score,” said Steven.

After taking the Certified Putting Instructor Course online and attending the workshop, Steven put what he had learned into practice.

“I started giving putting lessons to my club members and to local golfers. As word spread, I was approached by the county team to deliver putting and short game coaching. Then I was contacted by Scotty Cameron putters to be a Fitting Centre here in Edinburgh.”

“What I learned in the CPI Course has helped me develop a niche for my business, and I have even been able to apply many of the principles of the CPI to the short game, especially the pitch and run shots. “

In working with his students, Steven sees how various elements of the game fit together.

“I encourage questions and believe that being able to explain why a student should make a change is very important.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, longtime USGA Technical Director and inventor of the graphite shaft recently visited Steven at The Royal Burgess Golfing Society.

“I was most impressed by the enthusiasm and passion that Steven has for putting and helping anyone who seeks his tuition. He has applied all the principles of the CPI Course we developed to his business with great success and provides a wonderful example to any golf professional looking to enhance their knowledge and in turn, their business.”

And for Steven, the best part of becoming a Certified Putting Instructor?

“I enjoy seeing the smiles on my student’s face after a putting lesson, knowing that I have helped them.”

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