Evidence Based CPI Course Helps PGA Pros

Since 2007 Dr Jonathan Wright has been the PGA Coach Education and Development Manager for England. Jonathan has lead a talented team of Regional Coaching Development Officers, responsible for ensuring that the PGA coaching workforce has the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver excellent coaching. His efforts have ensured award-winning results with his team being recognised at UK Coaching Awards in 2013 in the category of ‘coaching intervention of the year’.

“My team and I look after PGA members and their education, both practically and technically. So if they need help with marketing their business, or anything regarding coaching we can offer assistance. We also offer assistance to volunteer coaches who support our PGA Professionals.”


Dr Jonathan Wright and his team of Regional Coaching Development Officers at The Open

It is with this in mind, that he and his team are available to help answer any questions about the Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Course

“With the CPI Course we need to think outside the normal pattern. Learning golf is not just about the range and the full swing. Putts account for a big percentage of golf shots and if golfers can improve their performance on the greens, their score can reduce quickly. It’s potentially the fastest way for the golfer to improve.”

The Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Course, is a certification based on scientific principles offered by U.S. based Frankly Golf and the PGA with the goal of helping golfers putt better, adding an extra dimension to the services that the golf professional can deliver.


Dr. Jonathan Wright

Dr Wright has always had a love for coaching, ever since he started his own PGA training back in 2002, being sure to incorporate putting into his personal lessons.

“I was teaching at a driving range in Essex. I taught new players, women’s groups and a variety of customers. I took my clients to the golf club next door which had a putting green I could use and this added to the variety of what I could offer.”

As he continued his education, in 2010 he began his PhD at the University of Birmingham with a focus on talent development.

“I enjoyed the process of research and particularly the methodology. Completing my PhD gave me a sense of achievement. It focused on talent identification, talent system and pathways. We need to take care of individuals in systems because even if they fall off the pathway, they can still have a big impact and ongoing interest in the sport. We need to put athletes at the center of development and make sure their best interests are looked after.”

With an academic advisory board of 12 PhD’s in various sciences relating to golf, Dr. Wright with his strong background in research respects the way that the CPI Course has been developed.

“I love the fact that the CPI Course is evidence based. As an academic, I don’t like marketing ploys, models and gizmos that are not as robustly tested. The CPI Course is based on scientific principles and research and that gives me, and anyone who undertakes the course, a sense that the information can be relied upon.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf and the CPI Course, former longtime USGA Technical Director and inventor of the graphite shaft said,

 “It is rewarding to have Jonathan, with his background, appreciating the research and effort that has been put into developing the CPI Course. We are pleased to be able to help Jonathan and his team further their mission and goals in presenting a service which will benefit the professional, their golf club and their members and have a positive effect on the game of golf.”

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