CPI Acheldiev is First in Russia

PGA professional Timur Acheldiev recently became the first Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) in Russia. Located at GORKI Golf Club and Resort, in St. Petersburg, Acheldiev is the Director of Golf and a member of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland and the PGA of Russia.


Timur Acheldiev, the first Certified Putting Instructor in Russia

“The CPI Course I enjoyed and I am excited to be the first CPI in Russia. The CPI Course covered a lot and gave me new ideas about putting and was very interesting. I have read through the course twice. The putting plane, putting drills, eyes movement even reading greens were all areas that I learned something new and validated what I already knew.

“I am always interested to look at the education courses so I can rise in level as a professional. I qualified as a PGA of Great Britain and Ireland professional two years ago. I want to advance and CPD points are important.

“It is difficult to find courses to do in Russia, sometimes people do clinics or courses and I like to apply what I study. Putting was very interesting to me. No-one is really specialized in putting here and I look forward to promoting putting and putting lessons to golfers here”, said Acheldiev who looks forward to making the most of teaching year round with his 200 members, now he has become a CPI.

“We have a winter academy where we have a nice facility that is 300 square feet and we can do things indoors with simulators and have lots of space. I have had some putting clinics and look forward to doing more single client putting lessons. People want to hit it longer, but they need to change their mind and see how putting can help their score.”

There are 25 golf courses in Russia at the moment and according to Acheldiev, people are gradually being attracted to the game, with efforts to encourage more juniors to start playing.

“People can see the European Tour on TV and spectators can visit the course. The courses are very beautiful and all the courses in Russia are very good quality, designed by famous designers and great quality facilities that are in perfect condition. Free clinics are offered at the tournaments and it is good that people are coming and seeing the game,” said Acheldiev who himself started playing golf in the late 1990’s with friends at Moscow Country Club.

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf and the CPI Course, former longtime USGA Technical Director and inventor of the graphite shaft said,

“It is amazing how the lack of solid  putting instruction is so universal. Timur recognizes the importance of technically sound putting instruction which we believe will enhance his status as a professional and improve the putting of his clients, and in turn his business, significantly. Congratulations, Timur, on becoming the first CPI in Russia.”

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