CPI Perkins Set to Make a Splash with Putting at “The Club on the Cliffs”

PGA Professional Richard Perkins is located at Walmer and Kingsdown Golf Club, which is perched on the iconic, beautiful white cliffs of the coastline of England, the closest golf club to continental Europe. Perkins has just become a Certified Putting Instructor and is all set to jump into putting in a serious way and make a splash.

“I really enjoyed the CPI Course. It engaged me and I really got into it. The layout was excellent and it was well explained with the course videos.

“It increased my knowledge about putting. The section on fitting putters really made sense.”

Becoming a CPI has helped Perkins, who has been a PGA professional since 2004, refocus on putting.

“Putting is an untapped area. We spend so much time custom fitting drivers and irons but we have not tapped into putting and we should be focusing on this.

“I have an area in my shop where I am creating a Putting Laboratory where I can fit putters and work on putting indoors.


CPI Richard Perkins (and Fred his dog!)

Walmer and Kingsdown Golf Club has a very active membership of almost 600 golfers, most of whom compete in club competitions and take part in activities.

“It’s a great time of year to do this. I am going to host a putting workshop soon and invite my members to come along and learn about putting and putters. I have also ordered a Frankly Frog Putter.”

Perkins has been playing golf since he was 17. His dad was a greenkeeper and during the summer he worked in the pro shop.  Within 9 months he was a 1 handicap.

He still enjoys playing but his passion is coaching.

“I enjoy playing but I am very busy coaching and I am excited to have added to my putting knowledge to help people putt and practice putting better. The section on practice drills in the course was excellent because it tackled the problems that people have.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director and inventor of the graphite shaft, said,

“Richard is a very enthusiastic professional with an exciting future ahead of him. We are extremely pleased that he has become a Certified Putting Instructor and wish him well with his future plans.”

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