CPI Anderson Sees Early Putting Success

Recently qualified CPI and PGA professional Scott Anderson of Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club in Cheshire is seeing early success since becoming specialized as a putting instructor.

“I have always wanted to be a specialized putting coach and when I received an email from the PGA I knew this was the course I needed to take.

“It was very easy to logon, and was very well set up and what needed to be completed was very clear.

“There was a lot of information in the CPI course. One section that was especially useful was the part about rhythm and some of the techniques used to help golfers. I have been shocked how good the results have been with my students.”


CPI Scott Anderson

The positive results have stimulated lots of word of mouth and Anderson has seen more and more golfers seek his putting instruction.

“Before completing the CPI Course I did about 1 putting lesson a week. Now I am doing 5-6. I am not changing anyone’s stroke hugely, I am just providing important insights which are making a difference as well as giving my students drills to go away with that I learned from the CPI Course.”

“I displayed one of the marketing posters that comes with the CPI Course, advertising a Putting Clinic. As soon as I put it on the board, it filled up. I have run 2 full Putting clinics since becoming a CPI, and have 2 more planned.

“I have also displayed my CPI certificate in the shop and the whole thing has literally taken off. It has helped so much in getting lessons and setting up the clinics. I really can’t thank Frankly Golf enough for providing this course and certification.”


CPI Scott Anderson conducting another successful putting clinic with his students and members

Anderson’s late grandmother would be proud of his golf accomplishments. Shortly before her death she asked Anderson to take up golf so he could share an interest with his grandfather.

“Ever since then I have never put a golf club down,” said Anderson who has played for his county, north Wales and the England AASE team. He attended the Lee Westwood Golf School for 2 years and played for their A Scratch team. He became a fully qualified PGA professional in April 2019.

“I wanted to specialize in putting because there are so many parts of putting to learn about.

“I’d like to share with my fellow golf pros that the CPI Course is definitely worth doing, 100%. Even if you don’t want to specialize in putting, it is a great certification to have.

“It provided me with tools within my lessons that I wouldn’t have thought of. Putting clinics are the way forward to get interest.

“My putting lessons are going really well and I just expect them to get better and better,” said Anderson.

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game of golf said,

“It is great to see Scott apply what he has learned from the CPI Course, a unique service provided to PGA members, and use it to build his success as a putting expert. With his enthusiasm and passion for putting he has a great career ahead of him and we wish him the very best as he helps golfers gain confidence on the green and putt better.”

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