PGA Pro on Fast Track to Putting Success

A UK based Cheshire PGA professional is helping his pupils take the fast track to success on the greens after completing the Certified Putting Instructor course.

Lee Sullivan from the Cranford Golf Centre in Stockport is giving local golfers an edge by delivering quick results for a rapid improvement in putting fortunes.

And the innovative Sullivan has also set up a designated website to help spread the word and enable golfers to learn more about his services and lessons.

“I want golfers to understand the importance of putting: as I know from experience this will help them to really improve their scores and at a much faster rate than taking dozens of full-swing lessons,” he said.

“With my Frankly Certified Putting Instructor qualification, I now have the added confidence that I can help golfers of all skills level improve their putting.

“I want to get golfers excited about walking onto a green with the opportunity for them to hole putts whatever the distance and for them to understand that there are “no limits” to how good a putter they can become.”

Frank Thomas of Frankly Academies in Reunion, Fla. and originator of the CPI programme, hailed the efforts of Sullivan.
“Putting is the most important part of the game and is the area that we can see the fastest improvement for a golfer,” he said.

“Congratulations to Lee on becoming part of our growing Certified Putting Instructor network and helping golfers get better faster.”

The Frankly Certified Putting Instructor course is being used by seven PGAs across the globe and more than 300 have either qualified or are part the way through the course.

The Certified Putting Instructor Course was developed in cooperation with the PGA and upon completion professionals receive continuing education credit.

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