Newly Qualified CPI Scholarship Student Stephen delivers 30 Putting Lessons in 6 Weeks!

Stephen Packer with Frank and Valerie

Stephen visits the Frankly Putting PAD at Reunion Resort in Orlando, FL and spends time with Frank and Valerie

Stephen Packer, a member of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland based in Dorset, received his designation as a Certified Putting Instructor upon completion of the online CPI Course. He shared how being a CPI has helped both him and his students.

First he pointed out, “I’m more confident in giving lessons, knowing that what I am telling is 100% backed up by science, rather than relying in magazines and different books where in many cases opinion is delivered rather than proven information.”

This increased confidence and knowledge has paid off financially as well. “In 6 weeks I have given 30 putting lessons. It has been quite a different experience for my long term clients. In the past I would take them out onto the putting green and we’d putt a few balls and I would have a look and offer some advice to help them,” said Packer.

“Now I take a more methodical approach, sitting down and talking to them before we start putting and work through a very systematic structure where I review their equipment and fundamentals. So the way I deliver my putting lessons has changed considerably.”

A major change for sure, but let’s hear about a specific case. “I have a long term client who is a 24 handicap struggling on short putts trying to guide the ball into the hole. Using what I learned in the course, focusing on his relaxation level and tension improved his short putting considerably and built his confidence, allowing him to let the putter go freely.”

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