Cundy Becomes CPI, Enhancing the Golf Experience at Calderfields


Jamie looks forward to enhancing the experience at Calderfields and creating a performance pathway to help golfers achieve their goals



Jamie Cundy, a PGA professional since 1994, is experiencing exciting times as Golf Manager at Calderfields Golf Club in Walsall. A Fellow Professional of the PGA and a PGA Director of Golf, Jamie has recently qualified as a Certified Putting Instructor, with a view to enhancing the golf experience at the golf club.

The Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Course, is a certification based on scientific principles offered by U.S. based Frankly Golf and the PGA with the goal of helping golfers putt better, adding an extra dimension to the services that the golf professional can deliver.

“As the Golf Manager I am tasked with pushing the business forward with new ideas and ways we can enhance the golf experience for our members and visitors.

“It was a good time for me to do the CPI qualification because at Calderfields we have just opened a new performance centre, one element of which is our indoor putting  area where we are going to do more putting specific lessons and putter fittings.

“There is nothing else available in PGA education that is like the CPI Course. Over the last 10 years I have done lots of qualifications and stayed ahead. I enjoy learning and getting involved with courses to give me that extra education to help me achieve my long term career goals. There are lots of swing certifications, but putting is such a big part of the game and it is nice to have firm knowledge rather than guesswork.

“In the past I have attended various putting workshops and have done a lot of reading about putting, but much of the time it is difficult to find evidence based facts and the CPI Course allows me to backup my teaching with these facts.”

“I especially enjoyed the putter fitting side of the course: it is amazing how many golfers are using the wrong equipment. The course was about more than just the putting stroke: I really liked that it incorporated the psychology of putting as well.”

With his new qualification, Jamie looks forward to having more of a focus on putting with experienced and new golfers at Calderfields through the pathway he is developing, as well as providing ongoing coaching support.

“We are focused on creating a pathway for beginners to progress through the game, from the driving range, to our 9 hole par 3 course which is set to open in 18 months to the full 18 hole round. We are developing coaching programs over a period of time that allow us to provide ongoing coaching support where we will work on full swing, short game and of course, putting skills.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director and inventor of the graphite shaft said,

“I am very pleased to see that Jamie is taking full advantage the CPI Course which Frankly Golf and the PGA have spent so long researching and developing to help golf professionals enhance their knowledge base and improve their business. Calderfields Golf Club should be very proud to have an individual like Jamie managing their facility.”

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