PGA of Canada Adds Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Course to Tee Talks Education Platform

The PGA of Canada has added Frankly Golf’s Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Online Course to its Tee Talks education platform. Under the direction of renowned golf innovator Frank Thomas, Frankly Golf will deliver the online CPI Course, as an ongoing education option, available to the PGA of Canada’s 3700 members across the country.

 “I am very pleased to extend our relationship with the PGA of Canada, allowing its members to add to their knowledge base the CPI Course, which is a systematic, structured approach to putting instruction, based on scientific principles. I believe that this will keep the Canadian professional on the leading edge of putting instruction to enhance their business and help the game,” said Thomas.

Matt Allen, Managing Director for Education of the PGA of Canada, joined Mr. Thomas in welcoming the addition of the CPI Course.

“I am very excited to provide PGA of Canada members with this unique, practical approach to putting instruction. We are committed to continually developing the skills of our PGA members and the CPI Course is a great fit.”

To learn more about the Certified Putting Instructor Course, click here


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