Wingate Reaps Rewards as a Certified Putting Instructor

Royston Golf Club’s Head professional and recently qualified Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Ryan Wingate is already reaping the rewards of his investment in putting, with the new knowledge he has gleaned from becoming a CPI as well as his new putting studio at the golf club.

“I really enjoyed the CPI Course. I wanted to specialise in putting as it is an underutilised area in the golf industry. I was interested to get the background information and learn more about Frankly Golf’s scientific research over the years. The CPI Course was very worthwhile and offered a step by step guide that was easy to follow.

“I was particularly interested in the section on eye movement, which had not been on my radar before. It really caught my attention and overall it was great to top up my knowledge so I can pass it onto my customers,” said Wingate.


Certified Putting Instructor and PGA Professional Ryan Wingate

Over the winter months, Wingate has been developing a purpose built putting studio in one of the rooms of the clubhouse, and has seen immediate results.

“With my new knowledge and the new studio in only 2 months I have already made up my investment through lessons and putter fittings. I have increased my lessons by 15% over just 2 months. It is getting big, very quickly.”

Wingate became a PGA professional several years ago because of his love for coaching. A successful County player for Suffolk, he turned his attention to how he could help others with their game.

“From a players perspective, when playing County golf I always looked to improve my own game. In my lessons, I really enjoy having someone else improve and helping my customers out. I get the same sort of joy from seeing a customer I am working with hole a long putt as I would if it was me improving my game.”

Wingate is very proactive in attracting new players to the game, having started playing himself at age 8. In amongst his other lesson packages he runs a Ladies Fast Track to Golf, supported by which includes putting as one of the activities in which ladies participate.

As the golf season approaches, Wingate looks forward to building on his early success, offering his new Certified Putting Instructor service to the 480 members at Royston GC, and the wider Hertfordshire area to help them putt better.

“There are big gains to be made in putting. I am looking to grow my niche in the market,” said Wingate.

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game, said

 “It is a pleasure to see professionals like Ryan take his destiny into his own hands and recognizing the need for instruction in putting where there has been little understanding in the past. It doesn’t take long with his initiative to reap the benefits of a sound education. Well done Ryan, we are very pleased to have you as part of the CPI family.”


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