CPI Oliver Embraces Change with a Focus on Putting

With his new role as teaching professional at Trent Park Golf Course in London, PGA professional Oliver Wojciechowicz has added to his extensive experience by becoming a Certified Putting Instructor (CPI).

Wojciechowicz recently returned to the UK from Sydney, Australia where he operated his own very successful golf academy at North Turramurra Golf Club for 8 years and is embracing the change, seizing the opportunity to continue his personal development, starting with a focus on putting.

“I went through the CPI Course and it was great. I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of information in it. I like to think of it as a blueprint and a structure to help me identify and solve problems. It provided a more detailed and proven way of working through my lessons.

“The videos helped a lot and it was useful to have the notes with the videos, which made it more powerful. I like the fact that I can refer back to the course and review or revise the content and refresh my knowledge. Also, the drills provided were good because they linked directly to problems or issues, so were something I will implement and use a lot,” said Wojciechowicz.


CPI Oliver Wojciechowicz

Wojciechowicz’s change in location has stimulated him to explore further, many aspects of coaching and he recently attended a TPI seminar in Paris.

“Change is good and it is important to keep things fresh. I have found new energy to look at other areas and be the best coach I can be. I have new vision, with a more holistic approach. I am seeking out other areas such as biomechanics and psychology so whoever I am trying to help I can be more useful to that person.”

Wojciechowicz’s path to becoming a PGA professional started at age 12, and as an amateur he played for the Lancashire County team. When he was 22 he started his traineeship, completing his training in Manchester before moving to Australia.

Being back in the UK he looks forward to sharing his years of experience with golfers and helping them identify and reach their individual goals, particularly in relation to putting.

“As the years have gone on I have found coaching has given me so much more than just helping someone with their swing. It is nice to spend time with people and amazing to help people. Golf is a foundation to connect, build relationships and help people in so many ways, more than just golf.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game, said, “In the preamble to the description of the CPI Course and what it offers, it states: “You are eligible for this course if you are passionate about the game of golf, enjoy teaching and helping others improve their putting enabling them to enjoy their game more”. Oliver checks all the boxes and will obviously do very well as a Certified Putting Instructor based on his passion to help golfers and his love of teaching, using one of the most important and underrated elements of the game – putting — to achieve this. Well done, Oliver, we are proud of you.”


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