CPI Stambaugh Helps Golfers Get into the Game

Recently qualified Certified Putting Instructor and LPGA Alumni member Jodi Stambaugh is looking forward to helping golfers at Chesapeake Golf Club in Virginia putt better, as well as help her own putting along.

“The CPI Course was a great refresher to go through the various steps. The section about eye movement was key for me, as well as pressure putting and the ability to take my practice to the course. I had gotten away from my pre shot routine processes that I used to have when I played a lot competitively, so I am going to work on these and some other areas that were very helpful,” said Stambaugh.

Stambaugh is a standout golfer, having played college golf for the Duke University Womens Team, and also having played on the LPGA Tour.


LPGA Member and CPI Jodi Stambaugh

The game of golf and teaching was in her blood from the beginning. Her dad was a golf professional and she grew up on a driving range where she would hit a lot of balls, and would help out other golfers whenever she could.

“I gave lessons at the driving range and was wishy washy about playing but took the plunge when I was 25 years old and played on the Futures Tour, then the LPGA.”

In 1994 Stambaugh passed her LPGA certification and continues with her passion to help people play better and enjoy the game, doing her part at the grassroots level to help it grow.

“Chesapeake Golf Club is a public facility, but is privately owned. A round of golf there only costs about $29 and it has a lot of blue collar golfers. Golf needs to get more people playing, many people just don’t have the time and can’t afford it.

“I started up a Women’s League called the Wannabes and the goal is just to make playing golf fun. Women come to golf differently than men do and in many cases when women start playing golf they play with their husbands and they don’t enjoy it. I tell them to come along to the Wannabes and when they do, they realize that there are other women just like them.


The Wannabes final tournament of last year, having fun on the golf course with an additional award for the craziest hat!

“I run group lessons with them twice a week and I will be using what I learned from the CPI Course in future classes.

“We should be doing more of this with women, with juniors and actually with everyone who wants to play golf. I discount my junior prices because to get started you do need help and lessons can be expensive. I think that everyone needs a lot of small sessions over time to help them, and this is especially true in non affluent areas.”

For Stambaugh, it’s all about the game of golf, encouraging others and giving them opportunities.

“I love the game and want to share it with others. I just love to give lessons and help people improve.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game, said, “Jodi’s heart is truly in teaching. She is using her skills and her own playing experience to help others putt better and gain confidence on the green, allowing them to enjoy their game more. She recognizes the need to focus on growing the game with a focus on women’s and junior golf, and the CPI Course is helping her achieve her goals.”

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