CPI Dallas Sees Putting as Pathway to Success

Recently qualified Certified Putting Instrucor (CPI) Karyn Dallas is looking forward to applying what she has learned to her lessons, having taken advantage of the special PGA in Scotland initiative. As a Scottish Golf Performance Coach, Dallas knows what it takes to succeed at the top level, having been involved for many years, and believes that putting is important for success.

“Many times people say that their putting is good, but as a coach if you dig a little deeper you realize that their putting can improve. It is the most important part of the game. Many amateurs don’t understand how valuable it is.”

 “I enjoyed the CPI Course as it helped me think more about the stroke.

 “The putter technology part was also very interesting. Learning more about putter lofts, shafts, reading greens. I learned some new things and it refreshed my knowledge of others which I look forward to bringing back into my coaching.”


CPI Karyn Dallas (right) with CPI creators Frank Thomas (left) and Valerie Melvin (center)

Hailing from a golfing family, Dallas was introduced by her parents to the game and she enjoyed it, starting at East Kilbride Golf Club. She represented Lanarkshire County team and it didn’t take long before she was a scratch golfer and ready to turn professional, competing on the Ladies European Tour for 4 years.

 “In my time on Tour I learned a lot and after the proper reflection I realised that I could use this experience to help other people.”

Upon leaving the Tour she joined the teaching team at Gleneagles where she completed her PGA qualification and earned the honour of first female Assistant of the Year, winning the prestigious Stewart Thom Award.

After 4 years, she moved to Kirriemuir Golf Club where she spent 20 years, just recently leaving there to pursue her passion for coaching, at a great time with the new focus on women’s golf. Dallas welcomes some of the changes she sees so far and the effort to attract more women and girls to the game.

“To attract more young women to the game we need to relax some of the codes and make golf more welcoming in general. We need to get children when they are young and make golf part of their life.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game, said,

“We are pleased to see how Karyn has taken advantage of the CPI Course to enhance her ability to coach golfers and help her develop the next generation of women and girl golfers. Her personal experience will allow her to communicate very well with an extra level of expertise in her coaching and we are proud to have her as part of our CPI family.”


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