CPI Tebbet Shares Her Passion, Helping Golfers Putt Better

Rothley Park Golf Club in Leicestershire is where you can find CPI and PGA professional Katie Tebbet sharing her passion for the game. Having played for over 30 years she looks to match her teaching with the golfer’s aspirations and pass on her love for the game.

Last winter, Tebbet embarked on the online Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) Course as she sees putting lessons as an important step forward in helping golfers improve their game. The CPI Course experience was one which Tebbet thoroughly enjoyed and has helped her teaching.

“The CPI Course covers so many different angles and gives you the tools to help deliver a well rounded putting lesson. It helped me put my knowledge together better. It covered so many bases and so many different aspects of putting from fitting to practice drills. It has given me confidence and now I teach putting in a better way than I did before becoming a CPI, getting things across to my student much better. I look forward to giving putting lessons.

 “Working with golfers on their putting is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in their game. It is probably the biggest area to make a difference in a short space of time. You can see the impact it has on a student’s game straight away, with a good lesson and a little bit of practice they can make a big improvement.”


Ready to help golfers putt better: PGA Professional and CPI Katie Tebbet

Tebbet knows first hand of the importance of putting, first introduced to golf by her dad at the age of 9 in South Africa, then upon moving back to the UK a year later, working her way through the amateur ranks to eventually represent England. She turned professional at the age of 28, competing in Europe and America for 5 years and has much experience to share with those who seek her expert tuition.

“I want students who take lessons from me to know golf is great but tough. We make it hard. Sometimes we put barriers in our way. I want them to feel that they can improve every day. Come to lessons with an open mind, and in many cases just because you think you are not a “natural” golfer does not mean that you can’t improve.”

Rothley Park has a thriving women’s section with over 100 lady members, from a 94 year old to an 13 year old and Tebbet, who developed her game at a family friendly club, sees that the golf club can meet their needs and goals.

“Golf is a great sport for women. They all want slightly different things and the golf club can deliver that, whether it is a game of golf that is social, but ladies still want to do well or a more competitive environment.”

For Tebbet, helping her members improve and enjoy the game and sharing her passion is what it is all about.

“As an amateur I was privileged to work with good pros that were passionate about how I got on. I understand how that affected me and I want to pass on that passion onto others.”

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game, said

 “Katie is obviously somebody who is not only passionate about her teaching but is giving back to the game, not because she has to but because she just loves doing it. We know that her students will not only appreciate what she provides but some will also follow in her footsteps. We are proud to have someone of Katie’s caliber in our CPI Family.”


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