CPI Larsen Advances Gratitude Through Putting

Columbus, Ohio based LPGA professional Alecia Larsen is the founder of Gratitude Golf LLC and has just become a Certified Putting Instructor (CPI), with a view to becoming more advanced in putting instruction.

“I loved the content in the CPI Course. It really resonated with me especially the setup, the equipment and the overall approach. The CPI Course has given me a new platform to teach from. I am always wanting to learn new things and this was very refreshing.”

Since taking the CPI Course, she has seen immediate results, especially with her Girls Golf Team from Pickerington Central High School.

“I selected and implemented some of the steps from the CPI Course in a two hour putting practice I gave to my High School girls team the night before a tournament and we all followed the steps together. My girls loved it and they all said they putted better the next day. It was risky, but it worked!”


CPI Alecia Larsen

Larsen looks forward to getting more deeply involved in putter fitting to help her students get the right equipment and is excited to provide a new putter service with Frankly Frog Putters at the Gratitude Golf Center, where she has a 2600 square foot space and has a large chipping and putting green to teach on.

“Many of my students were getting custom fitted for clubs, and while they were doing this they were asked if they would like to be custom fitted for a putter. I let my students go off and do the putter fitting on their own. I have seen so many putters not fit for my students and I was tired of seeing that, and realized I wanted to become more involved in putter fitting.”

At Gratitude Golf, Larsen who has spent 95% of her golf career as a teacher, seeks to not only teach golf, but really help develop youngsters in a holistic way, teaching them important life skills.

“Over the years I found that I wanted to have my own company and develop a program to make a difference in people’s lives. After many of my lessons, over the past 30 years of teaching I believe that sharing the message of gratitude is changing the world one person at a time.

“My Academy program is really a niche where I help young golfers develop their game as well as helping them appreciate what they have and show gratitude. It’s about encouraging them to give back to the community and helping them grow as people, as well as improve their golf game.

“Many young people have a lot going on in their life. It is important for them to learn other skills as well as golf. To succeed they have to want it and work hard at it. Golf is a vehicle that offers great life lessons. It is a pleasure to give back to these youngsters and teach them”, said Larsen.

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game, said,

“I’d like to congratulate Alecia, who is a very experienced and talented LPGA professional, and welcome her to the CPI family. She is running a very unique program and we wish her the very best in her endeavors.”


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