CPI Aston on a Roll with Putting

As PGA professional at the beautiful Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club in Wales, Simon Aston is always looking to help his members, and has advanced his knowledge in putting by becoming a Frankly/PGA Certified Putting Instructor (CPI).

“At The Rolls we have huge, undulating greens and everyone’s issue is putting. I thought it was important to extend my knowledge of putting with an advanced putting course. I could then use this not just in my own game but it would also help with my coaching”

“I took the CPI Course to extend my personal knowledge. In PGA training we touch on a bit of everything, but I wanted to do more on putting.”


CPI Simon Aston

Aston, who has been a PGA professional for 14 years, enjoyed his CPI Course experience.

“The CPI Course was really, really good. I liked the way it incorporated videos to explain the information as well as the written text, I feel this style of education helps you retain the information much better than just text”

“It helped back up my knowledge and confirmed many things I had already been working on with people. Putter fitting was a big thing that I took from the CPI Course. The wrong equipment can really hold people back. If the putter is not customized for you it makes putting consistently very hard.”

Aston, who has spent 10 years at The Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club, which is part of a 1000 acre estate formerly owned by Charles Rolls, aviation pioneer and co-founder of Rolls Royce, has experience as both a player and a caddy, gaining a lot of knowledge and insight into course management and strategy and is excited about the months ahead.

“I have lots of very keen members at the club and I look forward to sharing my knowledge about putting with them,” said Aston.

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director and inventor of the graphite shaft, said

“We are very pleased to have Simon as one of our growing CPI family. He is a true professional who is very enthusiastic about helping his members and we wish him future success as the golfing season grows closer.”

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