CPI Moore Leads and Inspires on Greens Across the Atlantic

Bernadette (Detty) Moore has travelled the world throughout her career, and is a Life Member of the LPGA with over 40 years teaching experience at high school, and college level in Ireland, Australia and the United States. She was a tenured professor at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas for over 20 years and she currently splits her time between her native Ireland and the United States, and just recently became a Certified Putting Instructor (CPI).

“As a lifetime learner the CPI putting course was another avenue to increase my knowledge of putting and enhance my teaching skills.

“I actually decided to register for the CPI Course because of Frank Thomas, whom I recognized as Technical Director at the USGA for many years. I realized that I could learn so much from such a knowledgeable person. The course was most informative and covered all aspects of putting, from putter design, to putter fitting, to the putting stroke and reading the greens.

“As a teacher for over 40 years it is refreshing to learn from others and share their knowledge and expertise. For me it is a gift to be able to share it on both sides of the Atlantic. I am thankful to Frank, Valerie and the CPI Course for reminding me that putting is almost 45% of the score, and we need to give priority to the putter and putting in our golf programme. I am excited about teaching putting again. It has reinforced my belief that teaching golf should be built from the feet up, and from the green to the tee box.”


CPI Detty Moore

Moore looks forward to sharing her CPI expertise back in Ireland as its first and only LPGA teacher; as well as in her US base in Colorado.

“At this stage of my life it is enjoyable to give back to the game, dividing my time between Ireland and Colorado. I voluntarily give women’s golf clinics at Dos Rios Golf Club in Gunnison, Colorado, I receive a warm welcome from PGA professional Al Pryor. In Ireland I am also welcomed at Druids Glen Resort in County Wicklow where I give an occasional lesson, by the wonderful PGA Professional Patrick Geraghty.”

Dedicated to helping others and share her love of the game has been a pattern throughout Moore’s career, having taught students that are now on the PGA Tour, and she is not afraid to innovate, becoming Fitness Advisor to the Irish Mens and Womens teams back in the mid- 1980s when very few people were discussing fitness and golf. She has also authored two golf books- Winning Edge Series Golf and The Baffled Parents Guide To Teaching Kids Golf, which was endorsed by Darren Clarke, Ita Butler, Beth Daniel and Karrie Webb.

Moore is also pleased to see the advances made in the women’s game over the many years that she has been involved.

“I see a huge difference in women’s sport in general, both in terms of coverage and equality. I am also seeing more media coverage for women’s golf.”

Moore looks to instill her love for the game in yet more students, both women and men, with a close eye on the green.

Frank Thomas, founder of Frankly Golf, former longtime USGA Technical Director, inventor of the graphite shaft and the person who introduced the Stimpmeter to the game of golf said

“We are pleased to welcome Detty to the CPI family, with her lengthy and international teaching experience. We wholeheartedly agree with her approach to the game, and specifically teaching from the green back to the tee. She obviously recognizes the value of becoming a specialist in putting instruction. Well done Detty, we are here to help you.”

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