Solheim Cup Captain Takes CPI Course

Alison with Solheim Cup

Alison with the Solheim Cup

Alison Nicholas, the European Solheim Cup Captain has embarked on the Certified Putting Instructor Course. She took time to share some of her thoughts with us.

CPI News: Who taught you how to putt?

A.N.: I was taught to putt by my first coach Richard Bennett, my dad & by observing good players on television plus reading books about putting. I have also had lessons from some well known putting guru’s.

CPI News: Of all the crucial putts you have made in competition, is there one which you would say was the most important to you?

A.N.: No one putt jumps out at me but I have holed loads of 5 to 6 footers to save par that has kept my score going to enable me to win tournaments.

CPI News: What do you feel over a crucial putt like this?

A.N.: I would concentrate my attention on feeling relaxed in my hands and shoulders so that I could execute the putt with a smooth fluid motion. I always concentrated on my pre – shot routine & committing to the line I had chosen which helped me focus on the process rather than the result.
CPI News: How do you use your playing and competitive experiences to help your students?

A.N.: I pass on my experiences to my students whenever I can to help them adopt a good pre-shot routine, assist them in green reading skills and the mental approach. I also give my students drills to help them feel the right motion and competitive drills to help replicate the situations they face on the golf course.

CPI News: You are in the process of becoming a Certified Putting Instructor. How has the course helped you so far?

A.N.:The course provides me with the scientific knowledge of the skill of putting and therefore I am able to back my coaching up with facts. The course also enables me to combine my competitive and playing experiences with the scientific information which instills confidence in the pupil and the coach to deliver better lessons.

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