Putting Clinic Provides Instant Success for CPI

Bill held a Putting Clinic to help his students putt better

Bill Mykytka based at Shoreline Golf Links in Mountain View, CA, has earned the Certified Putting Instructor designation by successfully completing the Certified Putting Instructor Course. Bill is a Class A member of the Northern California Section of the PGA of America and is already applying his new found knowledge to help his members and students putt better.

Bill said, “After completing the CPI Course I sent out an email to my students inviting them to an hour-long putting clinic. Within 6 hours, the class was full and students were also interested in seeing their putting strokes on video.”

“Many of the students who came to the clinic were in need of a putter fitting, and not only that many booked private follow up lessons. In an hour and a half, from a business perspective I earned twice the money with the information from the course, than it cost me to take the CPI course! ”

Frank Thomas of Frankly Academies in Reunion, Fla. and originator of the CPI program congratulated Bill saying, “Putting is the next frontier of golf instruction and golfers need help in this all important part of the game. By becoming qualified as a CPI, Bill has demonstrated how this can help his students and help him develop his instructional business. ”

To learn more about Bill and his lessons and services, visit his website www.successthrugolf.com

The Certified Putting Instructor Course was developed in cooperation with the PGA and upon completion professionals receive continuing education credit.

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